Healthcare and Services

Healthcare and Services


Sapumivik Rehabilitation Center

Inuulitsivik Health Center offers Youth Protection services in collaboration with Tulattavik Health Center of Kuujjuak at the Sapumivik Rehabilitation Center.

Permanent team :

  • 6 educators
  • 1 psychologist
  • 1 psycho-educator
  • Guards
  • 1 cook
  • 1 workman of maintenance
  • 1 teacher (from Kativik School Board)
  • 1 executive secretary

Services :

The Sapumiviq Rehabilitation Center is under the direction of the Center of Tulattavik Health Center of Ungava of Kuujjuaq. This center accomodates the young people who were placed by the Young Contraveners Law or the Youth Protection Law. It offers an environment which integrates with the Inuit culture and which supports the reintegration of the young people in the community and the solution of their problems.

Customers :
Youngsters from 12 to 18 years of the coasts of Hudson and Ungava territory.

Capacity :
Maximum of 14 youngsters at the same time. 10 beds in open custody and 4 beds in closed custody.

The employees of the Sapumivik Rehabilitation Center who come from the outside of Nunavik live in these residences located in the hill which overhangs the splendid fjord of Salluit.