Healthcare and Services

Healthcare and Services

Puvirnituq Crisis Center


Aaniavituqarq, also known as the Crisis Center or the Regional Intensive Care Center (RICC) is located in Puvirnituq. The Center is a highly structured, closed unit designed to ensure rehabilitation services to individuals who are in crisis or who are difficult to manage in an open residential unit. Unlike the Reintegration Center in Inukjuak, clients who are placed at Aaniavituqarq are accompanied by a staff member to medical appointments, work assignments or social outings. Limited free time may be part of the therapeutic process for clients who demonstrate reasonable level of stability.


The primary goals of the Crisis Center are to:

  • Promote the optimal physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being of adults who are experiencing mental health crisis;
  • Ensure the continuity of services for clients who are suffering from severe and persistent mental health problems.


The Crisis Center specifically targets three different problem areas:

  1. Individuals who have demonstrated particularly difficult behaviours:
    These individuals pose serious threats to themselves and/or to others but do not require hospitalization and cannot be safely maintained either in their natural environments or at the Reintegration Center. The focus is on ensuring the security of the individuals themselves, their families, and their communities.
  2. Clients who have been hospitalized and are being discharged after psychiatric assessment and treatment:
    Individuals who no longer require intensive medical treatment but who are not yet stable enough to return to their families and communities are also admitted to the Crisis Center for continued stabilization prior to being repatriated to their communities.
  3. Individuals who have been confined to the security room because they are dangerous to themselves and/or others (under Law P-38):
    Individuals can be considered for admission to the RICC once the initial crisis is resolved and the intensive surveillance and structure of the isolation room is no longer needed but the individuals are not stable enough to return to their own homes.


The Crisis Center offers:

  1. Six residential beds (4 beds for Hudson Bay Coast and 2 beds for Ungava Bay Coast);
  2. Highly structured, short-term emergency placement;
  3. Medium and long term residential services for individuals who cannot be maintained in their communities or at the Reintegration Center and where there are no other options available;