Healthcare and Services

Healthcare and Services

Social services

Mission of Community Services

The mission of Community Services is to offer a wide variety of services including prevention and treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration to the population of the seven villages on the Hudson Bay Coast in a manner respectful of Inuit culture. Given the limited resources available and the challenges inherent in providing services in our remote area, interdisciplinary, collaborative approaches with many different partners are encouraged.

Community Services assure that individuals and families who require services are contacted and that their needs are evaluated and that the services offered have a broad appeal, particularly to young families and children. The needed services are offered in Inuulitsivik Health Center facilities as well as in homes, at school, and in the community. Creative out reach to community members is encouraged.


Services are offered to all age groups requiring a variety of approaches.

Community Liaison Wellness Workers target collaboration among establishments and organizations with the aim of preventing social problems and promoting healthy social interactions. The Family House in Inukjuak offers social and educational activities in support of young families.

The central focus of CLSC Social Services is psychosocial intervention for individual, couple, and family problems including crises, problems in relationships, adaptation and social problems. Services are offered in schools.

Individuals with severe and persistent mental health problems and/or intellectual disabilities are offered short term and long term residential treatment at the Reintegration Center and at Aaniavituqarq. Respite care and day programs are also offered. Both resources are regional, offering services to residents of the Hudson and Ungava Bay coasts.