Healthcare and Services

Healthcare and Services

Ullivik (NQM)

Ullivik is the name that was chosen for our new lodging facility which will open in dorval in the late fall of 2016. The name Ullivik, which means: a place to stay or wait, was submitted during a contest to find a new name by Lizzie Putulik from Kangisuk and by Kauki from Quartaq.


The Northern Quebec Module meets a regional mandate for the Nunavik communities by providing a link between the health institutions in the University Integrated Health Network(RUIS) McGill in Montreal and Nunavik. The MNQ provides accommodation, transport and the services of nurses and interpreters in order to plan the stay of the Inuits receiving health care in Montreal.

Since April 2011, we are located at 4039 Tupper, door 7, Montreal, H3Z 1T5. You can contact us at the following number: 514.932.9047.

We gather around 100 employees in the following functions :

  • Drivers
  • Liaison nurses
  • Auxiliary nurses
  • Orderly
  • Northern institution attendant
  • Human relations agents
  • Administrative worker